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Day 1. 13/7 Saturday and we made it to Nairobi at 7 am, because the flight from Zurich was delayed by 2 hours. When we got out of the airport we were met by Faith and Jon, they took us to their house where we had breakfast at about 8:30. After breakfast we were shown to our rooms so we could unpack. When we were ready we went to the cyber cafe to send e-mails home to say that we had arrived all right. When we got back to Jon's house Isaiah was there, it was a pleasant surprise to see him after so long. It was then off to the talent show. Where we said hello to the youth and taught them a song. Then people got up and did things like a reading; more songs and then we did a bit of worship. At about 2 p.m. we had dinner, which was rice, then handed out some awards that had been promised weeks ago. We then had to leave them because we were very tired; back at the house we had a long is rest to get rid of some of the jet lag. When I woke up it was about 5 p.m., and Faith had napped as well. Clare and I were talking for a bit before Faith came down. We then talked to Jon and Faith for a bit before we had dinner. We had spaghetti and a meat dish along with some spinach, it was very nice. Jon then had to pick up the kids from a birthday party, what we didn't know was that we were picking up more than Kim and Cherie. So we set off home with Clare and me in the back of Jon's pickup and a friend of Jon's, with the kids in the front. We got back and had a drink and prayed before bed.

Day 2. 14/7 Sunday, I was woken at 9 am, I think, but I did not get out of bed very quickly. When I did get out of bed, I had only just got dressed when Clare knocked. She said that when she came down stairs there were more new faces, so she came to find me. We had breakfast, then off to the morning service where we got up front and said hello and said a little about ourselves. The service was much like in the UK, but with some Swahili. In the evening we went to another service, there were about 10 of us this time and it was shorter than the morning service by about half an hour or so.

Day 3. 15/7 Monday, I was woken up at 8:30 by the revo so that I got up in time. Then had breakfast, which I was getting used to because of the tablets and then we headed out for another day. The place was the museum of Kenya; it was very interesting to see all about Kenya and the things that have been found there and what lives there. We went out of the museum and into the Snake Park where we saw the snakes that are in Kenya. We also saw 2 crocodiles and some tortoise. For lunch we went to a supermarket where there was a cafe and we had a very nice baguette. After lunch we went to Bomas tribe center, where they did displays of all the different tribes in Kenya and after that we went to see how there villages look and work. That evening we got back at about 5ish, and then Faith and Jon went out and left me and Clare in their house to relax a bit, it was the first time that I had to talk to Clare about things and it was a good experience. Faith and Jon returned at 10 p.m. so Clare and me went off to bed.

Day 4 16/7 Tuesday, an early start at to get out at 6, because the trip to Meru would take 3 hours, but Faith was up late so we eventual got out at 6:30. In the end the journey was about 5 hours. We went through Meru to get to Maua (mawa) Methodist hospital, there we had a tour of the hospital including wards and offices and it was good to see how it worked. On the way round we met Michael Chester’s wife and when she said Michael Chester Clare (from Clare’s circuit knew her, sort of. The trip from Meru to Maua was long because the roads got worse the further we went and the main road to Maua to start with was just dirt. After the hospital we went back to Meru to go to the Methodist University, we also got a tour of there and met most of the staff. We were given a guided tour as if we were going to study there, the tour included the library and the computer labs as I said that I had just finished a course in computer maintenance. After that we went to meet Michael Chester as we met his wife at the hospital that morning. We had a drink and a chat with him before going, when we left the university we were taken down a dirt track that ended at Faith’s home, where she was born. There we met Faith’s dad and sister in a house without electricity and running water, so we sat in twilight talking as the sun went down. From there we headed for where we stayed, on arrival the only person there was the chef and he let us in then went to start the generator for light. Not long after we got there Jeremiah Muku and his wife arived. We had tea at about 9 and it was lovely, so much to eat and a lot of different food, after we sat and chatted with them before a prayer and then bed. I had a double bed all to myself and it was lovely.

Day 5 17/7 Wednesday, I was woken up at 8 am with water for a shower, a bit strange but very nice to have. After that we had breakfast and what a feast. Eggy bread and fruit and other stuff. After a prayer we set of for the schools. First on the list was the school for the mentally handicapped, with a tour round it and an explanation of what they do. Next was a home for street children, the director rev. Elijah Mwirigi gave us a lecture on what they do and how and they go about funding. After that was the school for the deaf, but we got there at lunch and so missed the children and teachers, so it was very quick. We then headed for a cafe for lunch and a break. On the way back we visited lots of churches and synod offices to signed the visitors book. By the time we got back to Faith’s it was 7pm and time for dinner, not as much as we had the night before, but still nice

Day 6 18/7 Thursday, because of the late nights I slept in until 11am when Clare woke me as we were leaving soon, so I got up and had a quick breakfast before leaving at 11:30. We left for the place that Jon’s gran lived, but because she died on the Friday we left the UK, we were going to her funeral. We arived in the sun and it was warm, but as we sat and waited for the coffin it got colder and colder. Not long after the service began it started to rain, and rain it did. The service was under some plastic and as it rained it started to leak and soon most of us where standing because the leaks were over the benches. It was long and a bit boring because the entire thing was done in Swahili so I didn't understand any of it, when most people went to see the coffin being buried we stayed under cover and got chatting to one of the relatives. After we went to the Methodist guesthouse for a cup of tea, it was going to be more but the tables were set for dinner. After we headed home for dinner, after dinner faith said that Clare and me can cook dinner on Saturday. But it must be English. We looked at each other and said ok.

Day 7 19/7 Friday, I was up at 8, so had porridge for breakfast. At 9 ish Jon and me went to the church to get on the web, so that Jon could chat to a friend. But the phone line was playing up so we tried a lot of times before giving up and going to the cyber cafe. On the way back I saw Clare and Faith as they were of to the cafe as well, they said that they would not be long, so I carried on back. I waited and waited and watched TV only to see that things were bad in the economy. They were about an hour and when they got back we had brunch not quite lunch but still food, then went to the animal orphanage where we saw lions and monkeys and an ostrich.

Day 8 20/7 Saturday, I was up at 7:45 so that we could be out by 9 am. But Faith and Jon did not get up till we left with Tim, one of the youth of St. Peter’s at 9:30. We first went in to town to pick up Tim’s girl friend and then it was off to the men's fellowship rally, it was basically like sports day at school. They first did 400 meters; there were three categories in that and every thing else. Then 100 meters, then tug of war between the different churches. After the men’s fellowship rally we headed to a park where St. Peters youth had a picnic. They were very friendly and made us feel like part of the group, on arrival we had some food and chatted with them. After we played dodge ball with a sock and then took some photos of us, some very fun and one with us all. When they calmed down a bit we played football, which turned a bit competitive so we stopped. Later that evening we cooked the English food. We decided on sausages, carrots and smash. Quite easy.

Day 9 21/7 Sunday, I was up at 8, in the living room was Geoffrey. It was nice to finally meet him as I only know of him by the e-mail I had from Colin. At 9 the reverend from Ngong church arrived to take us there, we meet him the day before. We got there for the last of the Swahili service, where we were introduced. Then it was the youth service, there was not much youth as school don't break up till August, but enough to make it worth while. After that was the main service which was about 2 hours long, long enough for me. We had a cup of tea and half cake before we joined the youth for choir practice. When they finished it was time for another service, which was very good, and I enjoyed it very much. On the way back we stopped off at the rev's house for some tea to warm up as it got very cold. Then went back to Faith and Jon’s.

Day 10 22/7 Monday, I was up at 7:30 so we could be out at 8:30. But as usual Faith was up late, so we were out at 9. When we got in to town we parked and went to a bureau to change the traveler’s cheques, about £200, which is ksh23400. After that it was off to get the coach to Mombassa. It looked very nice and inside the seats were very comfortable. We said good bye to faith and then we set off, the first 3 hours went very quickly. And before long we were at a rest area, where we had some food and drink before the last 4 hours. We were there about half an hour, which was long enough as it was getting hot. The next 4 hours felt quite long, but looking back it felt like an hour. When we arived we got off the coach and into a taxi, and off to one of the only churches in Mombasa. We met the reverent and had tea with him so that the bishop’s family could return from work and school, at about 9 we went next door to the bishops house and met every one before bed.

Day 11 23/7 Tuesday, I woke up at 6:30 at first and decided that it was too early, so went back to sleep. When I looked again it was 7:40, so I got up and had a shower and went down to have breakfast. Not long after Clare surfaced and we waited because the bishop had not returned with the car, before we left we met and said hello to the bishop, at 9:30 we start on our way. We headed to ribe (rebay) to see the boy’s school and the girl’s school; there we said hello to the school and had drinks. For lunch we went to the reverent's house, we had rice and a stew thing. After food we headed for the graves of the first missionaries in Kenya, and saw the ruins of the first church. On the way back we stopped at a church outside Mombasa, we signed the guest book and the minister showed us the grounds. When we got back we had tea, and talked till about 10:30 p.m.

Day 12 24/7 Wednesday, I was up at 6:30 again and so went back to sleep, the next time I woke it as 7:50 again, so I had a shower and had breakfast. Not long after I went down Clare was down. The first place we went was the bishop’s office to sign the guest book, and then it was off to get a matatu (bus) to Fort Jesus. There we had a guided tour with the history behind it all, the dates of things were incredible 1499AD when it started. After Fort Jesus it was off by taxi to Bamburi Quarry Nature Park, an old stone quarry. Where we saw we had another guided tour. But we stopped to see the giraffes first, in the park monkeys roamed free and tortoise that were very big and meant that the grass was cut regularly; we were taken round to see some snakes and even hold one. They were all in tanks so that the nasty ones weren't able to harm any one. But the biggest snake was in a hutch like thing because it eats rabbits. Then we went to where they had some fish. Where they had found that round tanks made the fish grow bigger than in rectangular tanks. We then went some way and saw Sadam the biggest crocodile in the park and then the others that they had. Then we when to see a hippo that had been saved by the park, then to where the other two hippos and buffalo and antelope. But as it was not feeding time they were hiding. Then we went to where they farm the fish for food to sell. We then we went to where they keep the crocodiles that they kill for food and their skins, a great many of them. That was where it finished, so we had a soda before setting off to a cafe for food. We went by matatu to a Little Chef, and I had a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich and a plate of chips. After we went to the beach for a swim in the Indian Ocean, nice.

Day 13 25/7 Thursday, at last I was up at 8. Shower and than breakfast, then we waited for Geoff and Keorgora. The first place we went was a school for the physically handicapped (, and yes we had a tour of the school and brief history. Very good to see that even the handicapped can go to school. But not only that, they even take normal children so that they not get left out. Then it was to the airport to see the planes, but there weren’t any at the time. So we left and went to a woodcraft center where we saw wooden ornaments being made. Then we went to Chsangawe Church and signed the guest book, then we went to the ferry, we went to the other side and back. Then to lunch. After lunch it was off to Bombolulu Cultural Center, where we saw some of the tribes in the eastern region. The first part was dancing, then it was off to see how they made the things that they sell. All of the people making things were handicapped in some way, this meant that they could earn some money to live and have some thing to do. Then it was over to see typical villages of the different tribes. Then to finish with we went back to the beach for another swim. When we got back we talked a lot about the day and all sorts of things before bed.

Day 14 26/7 Friday, I was woken up at 7 because Geoff wanted to leave at 8. so about 8:30 we left for Malindi where there is a school. On the way we stopped at the church where Geoff goes in Keliffe, that is where the fun began. Me, Clare, Oz and Charles started to chat and get photos of each other, it was so much fun messing about, just before we left Geoff introduced us to his fiancée. Just a bit of a shock!. We had a soda before going on to Malindi. The journey was long and bumpy. We arived in Malindi and went to Malindi hi, which was also a training center. There we had a tour of the classrooms. And then it was off to the church for a service with all the kids, before we signed the guest book and after we waited for someone. In the mean time we sat on little chairs in the church and tried to push each other off. We decided to go outside as it was sunny, Because Charles and me ganged up on Clare, Oz then started being Clare’s bodyguard. While messing around outside Clare used Oz as a shield so that Charles and me could not get her, Charles and me then went to get the car. We sat in the car and listened to music while Clare and oz sat in the boot with the kids, Clare then got out the camera and started to get funny pixs of us unaware, not working very well. We left the school and headed for the beach, we first went to a pier where we looked out to sea while trying to push Clare in, but oz was stopping us. Then we went to see one of the pillars left by the Portuguese. We were going to swim, but it was a long way from Mombasa. So we went for a walk along the beach before setting back. On the way we stopped at the ruins of a big mosque. When we got there Geoff spoke to a guide and decided that we didn’t need one as the charge was a lot, so started to go with out but then Oz said some thing in Swahili to Geoff and they argued before Oz storming off. He then went to calm down. Geoff then talked to a guide and got him to show us round. In part of it Charles found 20 dollars, and before got a free cola ticket, so said “he was lucky”. In the evening we talked and talked about the day and all sorts of thing, which was very nice.

Day 15 25/7 Saturday, I was up at 8 again, because Keorgora wanted money to get the bus tickets, but as Clare was up at 6:30, She gave him money for both of us. We were meant to be picked up at 11, in the mean time we went for a walk with Edison, and met his brother and family. At 11:15 the youth had still not appeared, so Oz took us for a drive around the town and pointed out important things. When we got back they had arived and it was off to Mamba village, which is a crocodile sanctuary and farm. At the village we saw many crocodiles and we even held a baby one. At the end we went to the butterfly bit, it had some snakes and spiders. After that we went to a church where we were handed to the youth, which took us to a place called Word of Life outside Mombasa. At Word of Life we picked up a man and then went to a hotel to swim. It was only me and Clare that swam, the others sat and chatted while we swam, after we had enough we left and went back to Word of Life to drop off the man. On the way there and back they didn't say any thing to us, so we chatted, and Clare had an idea for some games. It was a bit far for a swim and no messing around. Fortunately the evening made up for it. It started at about 9 ish because we wanted a photo of the family, then as every one was downstairs I got the hot seat, so I started the first game. It was where a name was written and then things like a place to live and what age they will get married. Then Clare did a game. Then they all brought a game to play some of them where very funny and some hilarious and we had a lot of fun with them. Somehow Oz managed to give us 3 games, all very good. That made up for the poor day we had with the ladies. We got bed at 12 ish because of the fun.

Day 16 28/7 Sunday, I had to get up at 7 because the youth service was at 8. It was a good service and then we went to the main service, which was a bit, boring, as some of it was in Swahili. Between the 2 services we went to a meeting with the youth as they were preparing for the youth rally, and after we met them properly for a chat. After we waited for Charles to finish work, so that we could go and eat then we went to a hotel to swim, it was fun. We chucked Clare in and I got thrown in and we even got Charles in, so much fun and then we went to a club. We stayed about 30 mins. We then headed back, it was a bit sad, as it was the last night there. After tea every one else when to bed, but me, Clare and oz stayed up till late, because oz did not want us to go.

Day 17 29/7 Monday, I was up at 6, how early that is. As I packed the night before I just had to put in some last minute things in, so I was ready at 6:30. Clare was ready just after. So we sat and chatted for the last time, we left at 8 for the bus. When we got to bus we met Charles and Clare started to cry and that set me off, we said good bye and sat on the bus waiting to go. It was very emotional, and I cried, as they are very good friends. Clare said that she was glad that I cried with her and showed my feelings. The bus journey went very quickly. And before I knew it we were in Nairobi, and almost back.

Day 18 30/7 Tuesday, we were told that nothing was planned for the morning so we could sleep in, so I was up at about 9, at last! The sort of time that I get up at home. It was good that nothing was planned because it meant that Clare and me could talk about the last week and all the fun, and any thing that concerned us. At 1pm we were being picked up and shown around the area, but by 2:30 no one had come to get us. So we went to the cyber cafe to check e-mail and send, it also gave me time to set up some things on my web site. At about 3 someone came and said that he was supposed to get us, he disappeared and by the time we had finished he had not come back. So we then went home and when Faith came back we said that no one came. In the evening we had a meeting with all the people from the road.

Day 19 31/7 Wednesday, I was up at 7:45, so got dressed and went in. I sat for about 45 mins waiting for Clare to come down. After breakfast we waited for the man who was taking us today, he was 10 mins late. We first went to St. Peter’s to get something and then it was off to the slums. It was an eye opener as it was so different to what we had seen so far. We were going to a school for disadvantaged kids from the area; the aim was to get the kids into main stream schools. It was so much fun as at break I messed around with them, once I was out of the classroom they mobbed me and was touching my skin. I then crouched down and they then started on my hair. After I spun then round and just had lots of fun. Lunch was ogarly, rice looking stuffs and veg, it was all right. After it was PE so Clare and me stood and chatted, when they finished we took a photo of the kids and us. Then it was back to the fun. We left about 2 for a school that had some kids from the other school. We had a tour round there and said hi to some of the classes. At the end we met the kids that had gone to the school in the slum and got a photo of them. We went back in a matatu, which was fun.

Day 20 1/8 Thursday, started quite early as Iasiah was picking us up, he was supposed to pick us at 10, but because he had to wait for the car he was late. So we headed for the children’s home, it seemed to take hours and on the way we passed Bora Bore where we where going to stay. finally we arived and the first thing we did was have some food before having a tour round, after we went to Zacks house and that was a nice place. In the evening we watched first wave, a sci-fi about aliens.

Day 21 2/8 Friday, I was up at about 8. Had a shower and breakfast, then it was off to the center. First stop was Parliament, then we went to a Post Office so Isaiah could pay for his box and see if he had any post, we then went over the road to a bank for some money. We then went to some Phone Shops to see if the phone Isiah had could be fixed, on the way we stopped in various shops like an African shop. Then we went for food. It was a chicko land likey and I had a burger and chips. Then it was off to a cyber to check mail, we stayed about an hour, and got a lot done as the speed was very fast. Then we went to a super market for some water and ended up getting sweets as well. Before going back to Zacks we stopped in an alleyway waiting for someone. The longer we waited the more children came to see us, till we wound the window down and let them touch our arms and we said hello. We also got some photos. We drive up another lane to see Isiha's sister and we got more photos of the children there. Then we headed back to Zacks.

Day 22 3/8 Saturday, it was not an early start and we had to wait for Isaiah to arrive again. Went we got going we headed for a wedding of a friend of Isihas. But we got lost and went to the wrong church; we stopped there for a bit before setting off. When we arived at the right church it was over, we had missed the service. So we went with them for photos. We didn't stay long, just long enough to see many weddings. We then went in to town for lunch, we ate at a Wimpy, and it was a nice lunch. We then went over the road to a shop and got more yogurt and sweets and some other stuff before going to Patricia and Jons, isihas brothers. We arived a bit early and Patricia was not there, so we waited and had a cup of tea and toast. That night we slept in the same room, as there was only one spare. It was a bit strange as I had been on my own.

Day 23 4/8 Sunday, I was up at about 8 for the loo had a shower and for breakfast we had pancakes. We then went to church with Patricia and Jon, as Isaiah had to work. The church was a tent with some brick buildings. The service was like that of home, with some song that I knew. After we went to the village market for lunch. I had 2 bits of chicken and chips, much like a combo 2. Then we went to the UN offices where Patricia works, we just drove round as it was a Sunday and mostly of the place was shut. We then went back and got on the web.

Day 24 5/8 Monday, We were woken up at 8 as Isaiah had arived, so got ready quick. It was off to the Rift Valley, and Lake Nakuru. On the way we stopped to get a photo and Clare bought some gifts. Then it was the long and bumpy journey to the lake. When we arrived we had to pay and from the board it was not much, but actually it was a lot. So we headed in and the first stop was where we could get a photo of the flamingoes. We then proceeded round the lake, it was very far to the other side and bumpy. After we went to find Isaiah’s sister, we found her at a pharmacy, which we nearly passed. We were then taken to a cafe for dinner. It was then off home, back along the bumpy road. On the way we stopped at Lamuru to see someone (Derrick Norton from my circuit because he had a gift from mum.

Day 25 6/8 Tuesday, the one-day planed for SHOPPING. I was up early, and so had breakfast before Clare. We didn't have to wait for Isaiah because we went to where he was, at the conference center to see the presiding Bishop. But he was not there so we went with Isaiah to the Masi Market. A mad place with lots of people and things to buy. It is the sort of place the you can haggle to get the price down, and isiha was very good at it. I got something’s, but not as much as Clare as she likes shopping. When we left we headed for clothes shops and on the way we fund an ATM so I could get some money out. Then we went into a bureau so that Clare could change some traveler’s cheques. We then found a good clothes shop and spent some time there, deciding what to get. It was then time for food, the place. A cafe called Tusks, and the food was very good. The burger was the best I have ever tasted, and the milk shake was very nice too. Then we headed over to a cyber to check mail and send, we spent a lot of time as Clare’s family signed in just as she was finishing. So we waited and waited. When she finished we went back to the conference center to meet Faith and to see the presiding bishop, but he was still unavailable. At about 5 he had arrived, and by then we were ready to go although we still had to see him, we chatted about our time here and some of the things that where happening in Mombasa. We then went to a hospital to see someone Jon knew; he had been in an accident. We said hi and prayed with him and then left for Faith and Jon’s. We had to sort out the things we bought earlier so we showed faith and Jon as that was the easiest way. After we put them away we headed in a taxi to the Carnivore restaurant; it was an amazing place with a big menu and so much to choose from. In the end I had a meat platter with all kinds of meat, Clare on the other hand had a pizza and chicken wings and nachos for a starter. At the end just before the taxi returned Jon bought us a gift each, Clare a cap and me a T-shirt. We got back and had to sort out the money, but before we rang home. Clare had a lot of fun with the delay, as it is quite long. I also had a bit of fun talking with Oliver. We then sorted the money and put them in envelopes, one for St. Peters youth and one for Wesley youth. The last one was for Faith and Jon towards their trip to the U.S. we then said our good byes as they were leaving early in the morning. But it was not farewell, just good-bye. We know we would see them next year.

Day 26 7/8 Wednesday, I was up at 7:45, don't ask why, so I started to pack and sort out clothes for the next 3 days. I had done it all very quickly, not a shock, as I didn't have much. So sat in the living room with my CD player till about 9:20, because Clare said not to wake her before 9. I asked her for some sealer tape to stick my sim card back in, because I was updating my sim with the numbers I had on the other. She took a long time before coming down. It was then the challenge of Clare packing, what fun that was, Ha. It was done very quickly surprisingly. Once packed we waited for Isaiah to arrive, he was late again as he was waiting for the car, so more time for us to chat about things. He arrived about an hour and a half late and by that time we had eaten, so we put the suitcases in the car and said good-bye to Eunice and set off for Patricias. On the way we stopped at a school for some thing to eat, we also, meet some family of Marcos, it was then actually to Patricias, we arrived to find Laura and Julie there and they were very happy to see us again. We didn’t have any thing planned, so it gave us time to write in our diaries.

Day 27 8/8 Thursday, I was up at 8 for the loo, Now a habit. And didn’t go back to sleep, so I had a shower and breakfast.